Track and Road Repairs

Are your farm roads and tracks potholed and difficult to drive down? We have the best and most cost effective solution here at KWR – The road recycler.

The road recycler crushes your existing road material to enable us to re-use it. To level, grade and re-compact it. Producing a cambered compacted roadway. We use a heavy duty FAE crusher mounted on a Fendt tractor. Our Fransgard Grader,  Steyr grader, diamond grader and roller are also mounted onto a Fendt tractor.


This is a crucial stage often overlooked by some other operators. Heavily compacted ground can be difficult to first crush and as a result you do not achieve the required depth of crushing for the best result. Our solution is to first “rip” the surface of the road or track, effectively gouging into the surface to allow the crushing stage to be more successful.


The crushing stage is the most brutal and visual stage of the road reclamation process where potholes and eviction wheel groves are removed and the existing surface of the road or track is prepared.3. LEVELLING

We then create the final levels that are required against your specification, normally putting a camber onto the road to assist with water removal. Sloping or flat finishes are also desirable in certain situations.4. COMPACTING

Our specialist vibrating rollers or plates will then compact down the prepared surface to create an excellent track or road that will be long lasting and the envy of your neighbours, if not your local car repair centre!